Expanding storage that packs flat and requires no assembly

Expanding from zero capacity maxifiles are easy to store and are often used for training materials and member packs.  Our custom maxifiles are designed to your specific size and can incorporate shaped flaps and different closures. Maxifiles are produced in polypropylene with glued seams. It is easy to achieve a great result with clear, translucent and coloured polypropylene along with all available print finishes possible to specify.

20mm capacity plain frosted polypropylene maxifiles are available to order form our stock range for fast delivery

Not sure what size you need, or want to impress with a bespoke design? Our free plain sampling service will help for fast feedback on your ideas with a physical sample

Premier Inn Folders
Litho print
Premier Inn Folder Front
Full capacity
UKFES flat folder
Screen print
Full capacity

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