It’s understandable that plastic has gained a reputation over the years. However, it’s also fair to say there is lot of misinformation about this extremely versatile and recyclable material. The fact is, we can’t live without it and, disposed of and treated properly we should be able to sustain supply, so let’s learn to peacefully and practically live with it.

At Ambro, we mainly supply and manufacture products made from Polypropylene and PET which are both easily recycled at household and industrial sites. These 2 materials are the most environmentally friendly types of plastic in comparison to the other 5 groups. This means that a lot of our products are sustainable if recycled properly they could be made into similar products again. Our materials already contain around 20% recycled content and we can also offer fully, 100% recycled materials too.

As stated before by Phil Caudle, Managing Director at Ambroplastics, the company does it’s absolutely best to alleviate and prevent any environmental repercussions.

This symbol represents that an item is made out of recyclable materials and by that we mean – material that can be put into household recycling such as Polypropylene and PET.

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