Self Adhesive Pockets

Self adhesive pockets

A budget conscious option with easy peel backing. Helps reduce production costs with end user assembly.

Made from 200mic PVC with a self adhesive backing. Available in different sizes and shapes.

Business Card Pocket

Triangular Self Adhesive Pocket

Triangular Self Adhesive Pocket

Business Card Pocket

Business Card Pocket

Rectangular self adhesive pockets (sizes in mm)

Name Open side
8010 Short side
8010L Long side
8011 Short side
8011L Long side
8012 Short side
8012L Long side
8013 Short side
8013L Long side
8016 Short side
8016L Long side

Triangular self adhesive pockets (sizes in mm)

Name Open side
8044 Diagonal
8041 Diagonal
8042 Diagonal
8020 Diagonal
8040 Diagonal
8021 Diagonal


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