Six Months of Graphic Metal

Six Months of Graphic Metal

Six months of Graphic Metal

6 months have flown by since Graphic Metal arrived at our door. There is so much to learn and we have been busy applying all that we learnt from David during the handover process. Even with our experience of quoting and creating every product as an individually different item, Graphic metal has brought with it another layer of complexity and whole host of new information. Now we have some projects under our belt we have decided to reflect on the journey so far.

Some of our favourite products so far have been ones that utilise the materials and processes available to the greatest effect. Our favourites haven’t necessarily been big and brash but have been specified with care and attention. For example a full bleed DYE sublimated ‘R8’ box with muted colours that lets the surface qualities of the promolyte shine through, a ring binder with simple typographic artwork and a presenter with an integral hinged stand and minimal branding. Clean, simple forms and an innovative use of materials are your route to a beautiful product.

One of the biggest changes is the increase in free-issue materials, especially for our laser marking services. With our other materials we are used to sourcing the materials from a set of approved suppliers that guarantee consistency and conformity. This is not the case with free issue materials and this has meant discussions behind the scenes and new procedures to deal with issues previously not encountered. We are pleased to say that this is now part of the everyday and any challenges are overcome with vigilance.

Another exciting challenge has been to correlate a whole new range of materials to a whole new range of manufacturing and finishing techniques. ‘Anodised aluminium’, ‘photochemical etching’ and ‘stainless steel 304 dull polished one side’ are phrases that prior to Graphic Metal would have been met with a blank look and a raised eyebrow. However 6 months in they are now comfortably part of Ambro’s lexicon along with many others.

We continue to explore the many possibilities that Graphic Metal’s services open up to our customers and look forward to crafting future products.

We will also be unveiling a shiny new Graphic metal website in the coming months with high quality photographs and lots of information to help you achieve the ultimate in presentation.

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Promolyte presenter closed

Promolyte Presenter

Promolyte Presenter open

Presenter Open

Promolyte R8 box

DYE Sublimation & Emboss

Promolyte R8 box detail

Presentation Box Detail

Promolyte Binder

Promolyte Binder

Photoetch plaque

Brass Signage

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