Ring Binders with trapped sheet

A ring binder with a printed cover insert.

Printed paper sheets are trapped in place between the mechanism and the polypropylene cover. Usually specified with clear or translucent polypropylene so the trapped sheet can be seen through the cover of the binder. We can also print direct on the plastic to compliment or contrast with the artwork on the printed sheet.Full colour print on a budget

Add a strap or flap or a die cut aperture to compliment artwork on the trapped sheet. All print processes are possible and we have a range of clear and translucent polypropylene to choose from. You can supply pre-printed sheets or we can help you source them.
For similar options see our encapsulated sheet binders and presentation binders. We aim to deliver any specific needs you may have, thats what makes us the leading packaging manufacturer.

For other plastic/paper sheet combination products see Presentation binders and Encapsulated binders

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