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Custom Presentation Binders
Offer a factory quality finish with the benefit of end user customisation

Custom presentation binders are easy to customise by inserting printed sheets into the front and spine yet retain the high quality of a fully factory finished binder. Great for applications where a uniform style is desired but personalisation and change are important factors. We make our presentation binders from easily recyclable Polypropylene or traditional PVC and with your choice of mechanism riveted to the back cover. Presentation binders can also be printed, foiled and embossed if required.

For other plastic/paper sheet combination products see Trapped sheet and Encapsulated binders. If you like the look of our work, order from the leading packaging manufacturer today!

Pets at Hoime - Yellow Binder - Insert
Insert sheets
Pets at Home - Yellow Binder - Front
Pets at Home - Red Binder - Front Insert

Insert sheets

Pets at Home - Red Binder - Front


Pets at Home - Black binder - front insert
Insert sheets
Pets at Home - Black Binder - Front

Presentation Folders

A presentation binder from Ambro offers a range of customisable options ensuring you get exactly the binder you or your business is looking for. Available in a range of materials we can make your binder from polypropylene, PVC or even PU Leather. We will work along side you during the design stage to determine the best material for your needs and help you with the design to go onto the binder to make it really stand out. Our binders are available in a range of colours, not just white, We can either provide a clear packaging cover to that you can change the cover of your binder whenever you see fit or we can offer one of our range of finishing options including high quality printing, foil blocking or embossing for that real luxury look and feel. We can also work with you to determine the capacity required as having the right sized binder will keep the documents you intend to store looking neat and tidy. If you are looking for a manufacturer of custom binders to improve the branding of your office stationary and supplies then look no further. Contact us on 01952 684922 or email info@ambro.co.uk.

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