Product Focus – Handle-It

Product Focus – Handle-It

Product Focus – Handle it Cup Holders

Product: Handle-It cup holders.
Spec: 500mic White polypropylene.
Print finish: Screen print / litho print.

Handle-It cup holders are aimed squarely at the blossoming ‘On the go’ packaging sector and are quite a familiar site to us at Ambro, so familiar in fact that it’s all too easy to forget the story and thinking behind the designs. We thought it would be nice to take a closer look and introduce them to any who haven’t yet had the pleasure…

Handle-It holders were born out of a mum’s frustration at spilled drinks during a trip to a fast food chain. Handle-it was developed as a solution to carry single or multiple drinks whilst still having hands free to deal with other day-to-day items such as train tickets, ID passes, handbags or car keys. Perfect for teas, coffees, milkshakes and ideal for carrying beers etc. at festivals.

Made from recyclable polypropylene Handle-it can be used numerous times, promoting the brand during every use. Unlike branded cups and coffee sleeves the message is always visible and not covered up even when the drink is transported. The original design was honed with the help of some free pre-production prototypes from Ambro to evaluate and test, and eventually received safety approval from PIRA. Many artwork versions later and 6 years on here we are!

The most recent incarnation of Handle-It have UK Coffee Week branding. UK Coffee week ran from 10-16 April this year and raises funds for Project Waterfall. The project funds clean drinking water for coffee growing communities throughout the world. I know that Handle-It is very proud to have been involved and it’s also great for us at Ambro to see products we have lovingly manufactured out there in the world having a positive impact.

Email us info@ambro.co.uk if you are interested in Handle-It products and we will be happy to pass on any enquiries or alternatively click here to visit their website.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s a wonderfully simple but effective design perfectly suited for die cutting.
  • Polypropylene is the material of choice for Handle-It for its strength, durability and environmental qualities.
  • Ambro’s range of print finishes and materials promote extensive and flexible branding options for every budget.
  • Pre production advice and sampling helped handle-It achieve goals early on without cost.

This is the first in what we hope will be a regular series of product focus articles looking at how our materials and services are used to create unique products and help our customers.

If you would like your own product featured in future editions please contact us info@ambro.co.uk.

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