Litho Print

Litho Print

Litho Print

Litho Printing – highest quality print available.

Print can be achieved from CMYK four colour process or SPOT colours or a mixture of the two. Litho print is usually sealed with a gloss varnish but other sealers are available such as matt/satin or specialist coatings that allow further processes such as foil blocking. If printing using CMYK four colour process it is common practice to provide a full size, colour accurate paper proof of your artwork for approval prior to going to press. It is also possible to attend a press pass to check your artwork is as desired by approving the sheets in person.

Litho printing requires an extensive set up and make-ready process and so is usually only economically viable for large print runs if cost is the overriding factor. Litho printing can also be specified for smaller print runs if quality is the main driving factor, however if cost is an issue then for small full colour print runs we would recommend digital printing.

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