Laser Marking

Laser Marking
Laser Aston Martin

Laser Marking

Its not magic, but it’s close.

Laser marking is offered under the wider umbrella of our Graphic Metal products. We can laser mark onto most metals with the mark differing depending on a mixture of power used, dwell time, number of passes and most significantly the substrate being marked. Unlike a print process laser marking is resistant to scratching and corrosion.

A common combination specification is to laser mark through an anodised coating for alumium to clear away the coloured surface to reveal the laser marked area in bright silver.

There are also several types of mark that can be achieved with different substrates, for example aluminium and our promolyte material will produce a bright mark through ablation whereas stainless steel can be annealed to a silver/black finish. If you are providing free issue material or are unsure of how your product will turn out please contact our customer service team for advice.

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