50% Ink Coverage

50% Ink Coverage
up to 50% ink coverage

50% Ink Coverage (per colour) Printed Stock Products

Our stock products have a ‘safe’ area for print as shown on their related print templates. For products with a large ‘Safe’ area such as ring binders you can place your print design anywhere in these areas as along as the overall coverage of your design is less than 50% of the overall area of the product, note: some products have a printable area smaller than 50% of their total area so this is not an issue in this instance. This is due to limitations of overprinting ready die cut templates. If you are unsure if your artwork is suitable please contact us to check and we will happily advise. If you submit a design which is not suitable we will contact you to discuss the necessary amendments.

If you require a product with print that fully ‘bleeds’ off the product then please contact us to discuss our bespoke product options. Bespoke products not only open the door to full bleed print but also a much wider range of print finishes such as Digital, Litho, Foil and Embossing and also more choice of materials. More intricate designs can be achieved using a bespoke product order because we will print first and then die cut after, giving us more control over the print process. This control also allows for combinations of print finishes in a layered approach to your design.

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