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Our experience working with brands and packaging buyers has taught us the true value of presentation packaging or presentation box. We understand that the quality and finish of your packaging on shelf can be the difference between a sale of your product and an unfulfilled glance. It is regularly the case that the presentation packaging will influence a customer’s decision when deciding between two, similarly priced, comparable products. A premium look and feel to your products presentation boxes can often give you the edge over the competition. It is our pleasure to provide that edge with our extensive range of materials and print finishes that give your branded packaging the opportunity to stand out from the competition.

Bespoke Luxury Packaging

We have provided many custom packaging solutions to clients in a wide variety of different industries who have one goal in mind; making their product more appealing to customers by successfully communicating their brand through the great custom packaging. We work with you to fully understand your requirements and desired final packaging product, whether you need presentation boxes or packaging design, to ensure that, upon completion, it is exactly what you had in mind. Choosing Ambro means you get all of our combined experience, technology and curiosity focused towards a singular goal of making the best packaging possible. Here at Ambro we pride ourselves at being first-rate plastic packaging manufacturers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can help you choose the perfect packaging solution for your product.

Luxury Packaging Manufacturers

As well as manufacturing your packaging we also offer a broad range of finishing methods to make your product look fantastic. Our range of print finishes and finishing techniques , including clear packaging, combine with the premium quality plastic we specify in manufacturing to give any project a solid foundation for success. We will go through our print finish options with you and help you decide what route is best for you. We cater for most requirements and, due to the amount of options available, there is sure to be a solution to suit you. For example, our premium screen printing is a great solution for presentation packaging products with solid colour artwork and is also a most cost efficient way of printing. However, it is often only suitable for small or medium quantities and, if full colour print is desired, then lithographic printing or Digital Printing may be more suitable alternatives. We can also offer foil blocked logos and lettering and embossing which can instantly elevate your products packaging and communicate a more premium message for your brand.

Luxury Boxes & Cartons

There are a number of different packaging products which we have the experience and technology to manufacture at Ambro. Having worked with many different clients we know the best packaging solutions for a particular product and will share this knowledge with you. It is very likely that you already have some idea of what you imagine your final product will look like. We will help point you in the right direction and make your ideas a reality. No matter if you are considering custom pillow packs, cartons or presentation boxes we are sure to be able to help you out. Fill in one of our contact forms on the website and one of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss your ideas.


Will you produce custom packaging for my product?

Almost certainly. We have worked with clients in industries ranging from perfumery and health and beauty to drinks manufacturers as well as other consumer goods. The best way to see how we can help you is to get in touch with us for a discussion. One of our team will then be able to talk you through your options.

What materials are used in the manufacture of your packaging?

Different materials are available depending on the packaging solution you decide upon. Polypropylene and PET are the most common materials we use due to their versatility and strength but, in some instances, we also use paper and board and promolyte.

What kinds of print finish are available with your packing products?

This is dependent on the type of material you choose to make your product from. Our printing finishes (Lithographic, digital and screen) are available on all products in any colour you can imagine. Foil blocking and embossing are also regularly available with more niche techniques such as dye sublimation and laser marking available on some products.

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