Plastic Face Visors

Compact Face Shields

Designed with comfort and long term wear in mind, our easy to assemble and light weight PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Face Protection is made using high quality 350mic clear Polypropylene plastic with great optical clarity. Coming in 2 pieces, the shield and strap are one piece and the second piece being a forehead strap acting as a vent for the wearer. After careful review of feedback, we have designed this face shield so that it can be packed individually or in small quantities as well as bulk. The design of this face shield also allows the wearer to replace the head strap with a piece of high quality protective foam* for maximum comfort.

  • Direct from manufacturer for best prices
  • 350mic Clear Polypropylene
  • Head strap serving as a vent to avoid misting (foam* insert available for maximum comfort!)
  • Lightweight
  • Can be washed and disinfected easily to be reused
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Can be packed individually, in small quantities or in bulk
  • Printing available on shield (great for branding or corporate events!)
  • Made in the UK

Our preventative plastic protection products: Modular Hygiene Screens, Counter Hygiene Screens, SecureBreathe® Masks.

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*foam sold separately

More Information:

Who buys our PPE Face Masks?

With well over 1,800,000 units now sold our Plastic Medical Face shields are already in use and helping our medical professionals and key workers in their important roles. In addition to frontline NHS and key workers our face shields are also great for brands and business who are embracing the new normal for PPE as workwear to comply with social distancing measures as more of the population prepare to return to work. Brands and business can take advantage of extra branding options to print logos and identifiers.

What are the branding options?

We offer litho printing, digital printing and screen printing as options depending on your budget and unit quantity. We also offer antimicrobial coating if you require. Printed items will require addtional lead time.

What happens after we have used them?

Pending any direct advice to the contrary from industrial bodies, being chemically inert Polypropylene should be able to be cleaned with detergent and water to facilitate more than one use of these items. However if used on a single use disposable basis Polypropylene is 100% recyclable or is a good candidate for energy recovery due to the materials high calorific content.

Why buy these particular face shields?

Our face shields are made in the UK in our Shropshire based factory from Polypropylene (or PET opon request). Due to the forehead vent the face shield does not usually require any anti mist coating to mitigate steaming up. However if you do wish to specify specialist coatings such as an antimicrobial coating please talk to us as we are able to offer these at very reasonable unit cost.

Why buy from Ambro?

Get the absolute best value by buying direct from us the manufacturer, we can provide incredible prices for all volumes of order because we make them here and they will not be subject to mark ups from distributors and resellers. We can also work with you to personalise and redesign the face shields to niche requirements, see our custom designed information paragraph below…

Need Custom Designed Plastic Face Visors?

We are proud to offer you our clear plastic face shield but if you have an idea of how you would like it designed differently then let us know! It may be you have a very specific use case in mind or are perhaps needing a bespoke solution to a little known problem. We can help turn your idea into a reality by working closely with you on the design of your custom protective face shield. We know how crucial it is to get your design right so we will consult with you and, using our years of experience, be able to provide suggestions, ideas and samples for you to evaluate quickly to move to full scale production when you are happy. We will show you the range of print and finishing options available to you so you can make a decision based on your requirements and budget. Depending on the product there are also additional components that you can choose to make your final product stand out such as press stud fasteners. We always use high quality materials in the manufacturing process and our processes are certified to ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015.


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