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Ambro is proud to present our own PPE Range, designed and made with ease of use and cost effectiveness in mind. High quality and low prices mean that you can purchase our PPE with peace of mind.

Our Plastic Medical Face Shields and Compact Face Shields are designed with ease of use and comfort in mind. Both shields are easy to assemble, light weight and made using high quality 350mic clear Polypropylene plastic with great optical clarity. This material can be washed and disinfected easily to be reused and is fully recyclable when no longer needed.

Ambro is proud to be the UK’s distributor of the SecureBreathe® face mask – a 100% reusable and sustainable face mask designed and made in the EU from 100% EU REACH compliant materials. Securebreathe® can be washed or disinfected and enables the wearer to make their own disposable filters. If you prefer disposable face masks, we stock CE Marked Type IIR Disposable Medical Face Masks. With a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) % of ≥ 98%, it offers enhanced protection against bacterial droplets while still feeling breathable.

Instead of paying huge sums of money for acrylic screens that need professional installation, we can offer a fast and cost effective alternative in the form of our Hygiene Screens. Our polypropylene versions do not require any screws or permanent fixings as they secure in place with adhesive tape that is supplied with them. They are designed to be installed without the help of professional tradesmen and can be in place in minutes. We have designed both modular and counter screens, so you can choose the sizes and types that fit your space perfectly!


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