Post-lockdown positive changes.

Life is about experiences. They can effect you positively or negatively, but with each there is a lesson to learn.

Another week, so time for another Friday Thought and how good is it to see the sun again after a week of grey and rain – good for the garden though remember. It is also somewhat symbolic of the positivity that I am feeling towards the post lockdown situation and a return to more normality.

There is a lot of uncertainty and worry still for us all, undoubtedly fuelled partly by daily posts regarding redundancies and more major brands disappearing from our high streets. However, I firmly believe that everyday is a learning day, and life is about experiences. They can effect you positively or negatively, but with each there is a lesson to learn, and a way to move forward positively.

We have recently taken on Hannah Maries, a Business and Marketing Management graduate. Hannah is breathing new life into our Marketing efforts and we are all excited here at Ambro to see the changes and improvements that Hannah will bring to the table as she modernises and ramps up our interactions with our own customer base an beyond, as well as effecting a solid marketing plan and strategy for the business to move forward.

Still, another exciting opportunity available – we are looking for a new product designer! If you are interested or know someone who is, please get in touch. Again, we are ideally looking for a graduate that is able to run the CAD, improve on existing designs, introduce new products as well as work on the way that we present design ideas to customers and prospects alike so that designs leap off the screen in either a virtual or physical way. If you or anyone you know has any interest in this incredibly exciting role, email with your CV.

There are a number of new projects that we have on the go with different parties that will hopefully see Ambro digging deeper foundations in core markets as well as exploring new ones, so keep watching this space.

All in all, at a time where it would be too easy to curl up in a ball and allow the potential negativity to overwhelm us, we have chosen to meet with the challenges head on. Will we get it right? Time will tell… What I do know for certain is your feedback and loyalty will help us grow together.

Let us know what post lockdown plans you have? I would love to hear about them, see how we might be able to help one another out!

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