Phil’s Friday Thought – Sustainability

How Does Ambro Approach Sustainability?

I am excited that we are about to introduce a number of different forms of recycled material options in to our range. We have always had a recycled range of Polypropylene, made mainly from post industrial waste – materials that have been collected from customers and reconstituted into more material – but are introducing a few new options. From the image you will see a number of sheets of the same grade of material made from different sources of recycled content.

The far left is the virgin material. Next you have the post-consumer waste material, made from materials collected and recycled at the kerbside and from similar sources. The last two are materials made from post industrial waste that had been heavily printed, the print has been removed and the material made back into new sheets.

All the materials print equally well. We can make the same products out of them again. Yes there is some colour variance which we would all expect and don’t we all want our products made from recycled materials to look a bit recycled so that can be proud of the fact?

So the question is, why are plastics getting such a hard time on the sustainability front? Plastics, like Polypropylene and PET that we use are widely used and generally recycled, and command a reasonable value for good recycled content. The waste can be washed clean unlike cardboard which when contaminated with food waste is then not able to be recycled. Responsibility is the key. Dispose of waste responsibly. Make responsible choices when specifying the right material for the job. And let’s be responsible amount the information that we as business owners put out there.

Managing Director