Phil’s Friday Thought – Let’s Not Mask The Problem, Or Should We?

Phil’s Friday Thought – Let’s Not Mask The Problem, Or Should We?

Walking out the door, I turn to my family and ask them if they have remembered everything; Phone? Keys? Purse? Face Mask?

From the 24th of July, this will most likely be most people’s routine after the government announced from then, it will be compulsory to wear a face-covering in places like the supermarket and shopping centers. It’s fair to question at this point during the pandemic is it too little too late?

Either way, it is what it is and we must do our best to protect ourselves and one another to keep the transmission rate of the virus falling. So are you prepared for this societal action?

What kind of face-covering should you use?

It’s been made clear by both the CDC and Government that covering your face in some way, whether that’s with an N95 mask, a cloth mask or face shield means that you are at the least limiting your own spread of bacteria, and with social distancing also protecting yourself from potentially harmful bacteria around you. So what kind of PPE is right, and more importantly the most comfortable for you? Below is a table highlighting what the 2 main kinds of PPE can do for an individual in terms of protection.

Ambro 2020 - Face Mask vs Face Shield

SecureBreathe® Reusable Face Mask

Ambro are proud to introduce SecureBreath®, a 100% reusable and sustainable face mask. The first thing to say about this mask is for people who wear glasses – this is the mask for you! The mask has a patented design that provides additional space around the mouth and nose for free and easy breathing, meaning that there is almost no misting or fogging up glasses that are being worn at the same time. Another issue with a lot of masks is trying to find a filter; SecureBreath® allows you to make your own filters and insert them into the mask, from household items such as paper towels or handkerchiefs if you can’t get your hands on insertable filters. The mask can be sterilised with soap and water as it’s made from recycled materials (it has a soft plastic feel). Ambro are an authorised UK & Ireland distributor for the SecureBreathe® reusable face mask.


Ambro 2020 - Secure Breathe

Polypropylene Face Shield

At that start of this pandemic, we started to think about what we could do with our own resources in order to help get PPE out where it was needed. We began making fully recyclable face shields that can be disinfected with soap and water and are comfortable to wear due to the ventilation on the headband. The government has also extended the zero rate VAT on PPE which does include our Face Shields (non medical face masks have not been included in the criteria).


Ambro 2020 - Face Shield

Whichever one is best for you…

It’s important to help ourselves and help each other bring the transmission rate down so we can get back to normal life sooner, as much as it can feel restrictive. I hope everyone is still managing to stay safe as lockdown eases, and Ambro is ready to start distributing PPE to those who need or want it, for small or substantial orders.


Managing Director