Polypropylene Packaging Wraps

Great for awkward shapes
Polypropylene and PET wraps provide secure, tear resistant custom packaging that can be optimised to use the least material to the biggest advantage. We can design a wrap unique to the contours of your product, such as sleeve packaging,  as an alternative to using a carton or box with lots of wasted space and excess material. A large range of clear packaging, translucent packaging and coloured material can be complimented by all our available print finishes producing efficient and vibrant retail packaging designs for whatever printed plastic packaging solution you need. Contact the UKs leading packaging manufacturer today!

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Litho printed natural Polypropylene
Kriega Sleeve Packaging

Litho printed natural Polypropylene

archers drink packaging

Litho printed clear Polypropylene

Wraps Manufacturer

Our polypropylene & PET plastic clear packaging is a great solution for a wide variety of products. The wrap packaging can be a superb, space saving way to package multiple similar products instead of using a box. A gift wrap of two large bottles, for example, can look much more enticing with clear, polypropylene wraps as it keeps the familiar branding of the products on display at all times. By elaborating on the gift wrapping by using curling ribbon, tissue paper or any other form of decoration you can make your product truly stand out on the shelves. Contact us for additional information about our PET & polypropylene wraps and what packaging solution is right for you.

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