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Plastic Drinks Packaging for Bottles

Catch the consumers’ eye and make it easy to carry your products to the till

The versatility of Polypropylene and PET presents an opportunity to stand out in a market where competition is fierce. We produce attractive and recyclable printed plastic packaging that is strong, durable and more resistant to tarnishing and tearing than card. All our print finishes and many material base colours are available to specify to create the perfect custom packaging or presentation packaging , using printed or clear packaging, for your brand. We are a high quality packaging manufacturer and here to help your business, give us a call.

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Famous Grous Whiskey Bottle Packaging
Screen printed Gloss/Gloss Polypropylene
archers drink packaging
Screen printed Gloss/Gloss Polypropylene
Wine bottle packaging
Cristaline Polypropylene

Beverage Packaging Solutions

If you are looking for a custom packaging solution that not only looks good but is also strong and secure, then Ambro can help. Our company has been helping drink and beverage manufacturers produce premium quality packaging to improve the look of the bottles that already are in place. By choosing Ambro as your packaging manufacturer you can rest assured that our business is up to date with the latest in packaging technology and that the final product that we produce will be something that you, and the consumer, will love. We work with you on the packaging design and our team will collaborate all through the process and we will not be content until you are delighted with the result. We have years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom packaging solutions for food and drink companies and have worked on a range of bottles of all shapes and sizes and a wide variety of brands. Our design services enable you to insert your product logo onto beautiful packaging that will really make your product stand out on a shelf to your customers and make sure your company brand is front and centre. No matter what kind of bottles you are looking to package up, we can help We have created gift pack sets for glass bottles, such as whiskey bottles and multi-pack sets for plastic bottles.

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