Our Materials

Our Materials

Plastic Fantastic…and more

In our modern world plastic often gets a bad reputation for being a bit of a planet killing, ocean loiterer and we would be the first to admit this is not entirely without cause. However, plastic doesn’t litter, people do! In a closed loop, and used in a responsible way plastic (specifically PET and Polypropylene) is a versatile and highly recyclable resource. Plastic is recyclable without much loss of quality (we offer PET and Polypropylene in recycled variants) and it hits the jackpot when it comes to long term use for presentation items and enhanced protection and reuse opportunities for packaging.

As a plastic packaging manufacturers we are big advocates for the responsible usage of plastic but don’t let that fool you into thinking that we are blinkered to other materials. For us at Ambro it’s all about utilising the right material for the right job:

  • We still offer legacy materials such as PVC and PU as these are still excellent choices when all the positives and not so positives are considered, they can still fit the bill for the right project.
  • We also champion Paper-over-Board for its versatility, print quality and excellence at producing rigid products such as boxes, slip cases and ring binders.
  • Promolyte and select metals are featured as part of our Graphic Metal brand for the ultimate in presentation.
  • Last but not least we offer fluted/corrugated polypropylene for large scale POS, signage and larger constructions.

We are also at home lending our expertise to project manage and consult on carton board and composite packaging projects. This is beneficial to our valued customers who are already accustomed to our level of service and would prefer to have a single, unified and confidential point of contact to reduce workload (and reduce email traffic!).

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