Our Continued Commitment to Quality

Our Continued Commitment to Quality

ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015

Ambro is proud to announce the renewal of ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certification by Socotec Certification International for the quality & environmental management system covering its manufacturing activities. The audit conducted from 12/03/2018 to 14/03/2018 confirmed that the management system remains in compliance with the 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 standard and noted the progress made since initial certification was obtained. This recognition from an independent third party is the result of a determined joint effort from everyone in the company. It confirms Ambro’s commitment to its current and prospective customers, investors, suppliers and other parties interested in quality & the environment.

What this means to you, our customers…

Certification means that our internal business processes are assessed against industry best practices to improve efficiency, time and cost savings and to make sure we can offer our customers consistently high quality products and services in the shortest possible time frames. Sound good? Of course it does! Our ISO certification is a great way for us to demonstrate independent recognition of our ongoing commitment to quality and environmentally aware operation.

If you are interested in learning more about ISO accreditation a quick web search will bring up a lot of information for you to read through.

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