New Stock Range

Online Payment Available Soon!

Our stock ring binders and folders provide great value for our customers with projects that do not require full customisation.
The new range has a greater focus on products that are most in demand such as A4 ring Binders, A4 presentation binders and new additions like A4 expanding files and coloured A4 popper wallets. The first of the new updated range will soon be available to purchase online to help streamline and declutter your purchasing journey.

There are 10 product lines initially available that represent a good cross section of items. Most of these and more are of course available as customised one off sizes and with enhanced print finish options as part of our main bespoke offering too.

If you would like to see specific products available in this section in future please do get in touch and we will see what we can do!

Our bespoke packaging manufacturing service is still available. Call or email us to find out more!

The below gallery showcases the first 10 product lines available to buy online:

Stock Polypropylene Ringbinders

Polypropylene Ringbinders, 15,25,40mm 2D or 4D mech

Polypropylene Presentation Binders

White or frosted PP Presentation Binders, 15,25,40mm 2D or 4D mech

White PVC Presentation Ring Binders, 11-65mm 2D or 4D mech


A4 Polypropylene Wallets - 5 Colours


Polypropylene Tecfile

22mm stock wallet

22mm Polypropylene Classic Wallet

New stock maxifile

20mm Polypropylene MaxiFile Expanding Wallet

New Stock Expanding File

Polypropylene Expanding File With Tabs

Polypropylene Display Books, 10,20,30 or 40pockets

Polypropylene Binding covers

A4 Polypropylene Binding Covers, 450 or 750mic

Other Products

The following products are still available from stock but will not be available to buy online:

  • Job Card Holders
  • Self Adhesive Pockets
  • A4 Display Pockets

The following products have been discontinued from the updated line up:

  • Eurofiles
  • Combi Binders
  • Easel binders
  • Quotation Files
  • A4 CD pages

We have no immediate intention to have these discontinued items available in the updated range but we can of course still produce these and more as part of our usual bespoke service, please contact us for quotes as usual on these items.

We are excited to be offering our refreshed range with online payment and hope this adds value for our customers.

Please direct any requests, questions or feed back to info@ambro.co.uk, referencing the new stock range.

To register your interest and receive notification when the new range goes live please use the form provided at the top of this page.

For all other enquiries please contact us here

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