Product Focus – Hybrid Binders

Product Focus – Hybrid Binders

Hybrid Ring Binders™

Combine materials to add interest.

We have a long history of manufacturing a wide range of bespoke ring binders, custom folders and other designed for purpose presentation items. Our Hybrid Ring binders are a brilliant example of the advantages of working with Ambroplastics for your bespoke presentation projects. As a customer you can take advantage of our knowledge of many presentation industry materials including Polypropylene, PVC, PU (Leather), Paper over board, Promolyte and select metals and combine them in new and interesting ways.

Our range of substrates can all be produced to custom profiles and finished with a wide array of surface finishes to truly make your custom ring binders unique. You may choose to combine screen-printed ring binder covers with a laser marked promolyte spine. You could choose Promolyte ring binder covers with a soft touch embossed PVC spine. You could have anodised aluminium covers with a digitally printed polypropylene spine. How about vibrant full colour Dye Sublimated ring binder covers with a clear gloss polypropylene spine and a powder coated ring mechanism to really make the product stand out?

There are many possibilities and ways to specify hybrid binders, as a starting point remember:

  1. Covers can be made from Polypropylene, Promolyte, Aluminium, PVC, PU, Paper over board and Acrylic.
  2. Surface finishes range from Screen print, Digital print, Laser marking, Dye sublimation, embossing and any other finishes that you’re chosen substrate can take or many different combinations of the above.


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