Let’s Get Ready To Open – And Stay Open!

If deemed safe to do so, from next Monday the UK will begin to open up again properly.

While this is the case, epidemiologists from around the world have suggested that masks and social distancing could last years in order to keep the COVID-19 virus under control. Considering retailers from all around the UK have invested in PPE such as hygiene screens and face shields, it would make sense to make use of the investment that has been made by so many to keep the economy up and running, and more importantly – keep people safe and healthy. So, are you and your business prepared for the rest of the year? Do you know which PPE will suit best? Here’s a snapshot comparison of each PPE product that we offer and the benefits each one offers.

Face Shields

Face shields are great for situations where the wearer won’t be able to able to help getting close to others, so it means that any droplets from a sneeze, cough etc will not land on the wearers face. Our face shields are made from Polypropylene which offers the wearer optical clarity as well as being able to easy disinfect and dry off the shield in between uses. In addition, there are 2 types of face shields that Ambro have designed and can produce, one being CE Marked and the other a more compact design that can be used with a foam head piece for optimum comfort during long wear times.

Why not add a little extra fun to your shields by having them printed?

We personally recommend following WHO advice that if a face shield is being worn when in close proximity to others, that a mask also be worn to help protect the wearer from any particles being breathed in.

Face Masks

As the proud UK distributor of the SecureBreathe® Face Mask, we have always championed this mask in particular as not only is 100% reusable because it can be disinfected and wiped down, but the wearer can also make their own filters which can save on money. Designed and patented for optimum comfort, these masks are shaped round the wearers face to allow for easy breathing, so they don’t feel claustrophobic. Available in 12 bright and bold colours, these masks are perfect for long wear and especially for those who wear glasses thanks to it’s breathable and spacious shape.

If however the security of a medical face mask feels more important, we also stock and supply these disposable medical face masks too. With a bacterial filtration efficiency of more than 98%. It’s adjustable nose clip and stretchy ear loops means that the wearer can shape the mask to mould to their face.

Hygiene Screens

Our Hygiene Screens are great for short term protection, making them some of the cheapest on the UK market as well as taking just minutes to assemble. Made from recyclable polypropylene, these screens have been designed and manufactured so that they can be fit into your chosen space with ease. Offering both modular screens and counter screens, they can be used together into small or large areas by being stuck down with tape to the chosen surface. Coming in 2 different sizes, both screens are light weight and offer optical clarity.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to a member of our sales team, please feel free to contact us.