Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

As a leading packaging manufacturers we believe in constantly evolving and improving our offering. Laser engraving has been an exciting addition to our services. It is incredible to watch artwork appear from a flash of light before your eyes. We thought it was a little selfish to keep this experience to ourselves and so put a little video together.

The video shows a card made from 1mm aluminium that has been stamped out and then anodised black. (The artwork is purely fictional, so any budding channel swimmers will have to look elsewhere for training)

We also regularly laser engrave cards made from other anodised colours, brushed stainless steel and our own Promolyte™ glossy aluminium composite.

Laser engraving can be combined with or completely replaced by other finishes we offer such as photo etched cards, screen printed cards and dye sublimation printed cards.

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The below gallery showcases some of the different finishes possible for cards and compatible products:

Anodised Card

Laser Engrave onto Anodised Aluminium

Jaguar Metal Card

Screen Printed Aluminium

Screen Printed & Laser Engraved Anodised Aluminium

DYE sublimated Card

DYE Sublimation onto Aluminium

Photo Etch & Laser Engrave onto Anodised Aluminium

Sreenprint card

Screen Print Anodised Aluminium (Laser personalisation)

Photo Etched 1mm Steel

Embossed Aluminium

Laser Engrave onto Gold Anodised Aluminium

Photo Etch & Gold Infilled Steel

Photo etched steel card

Photo Etched Steel

Photo Etch & Black Anodised Aluminium

Laser etch anodised card

Photo Etched & Grey Anodised Aluminium

Laser Engraved Bronze Anodised Aluminium

DYE Sublimation Printed Promolyte

VIP Tag Dye sublimation

DYE Sublimation Printed Promolyte

Dye sublimation Tags

DYE Sublimation Printed Promolyte

Other Products

We also laser engrave bespoke metal ring binders, metal folders, metal presentation cases, plaques, trophies and just about anything you can fit under the laser!


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