Machinery Upgrade

Machinery Upgrade

During the Summer we installed and commissioned our new gluing line, replacing our old and tired bobst gluer with a newer Jagenberg. The improvement in both speed and capability are pretty immense.

The previous machine gave us straight line and buckle folding options and has served the company very well during its 10 years of service. Given it’s age it has long been due an upgrade. With ever more presence in the packaging market, and larger contracts demanding greater throughput and efficiency, the new gluer was a must.

The new gluer will enable us to set more quickly, run more efficiently with less waste and improved quality, less scratching on clear materials, and offer more in the way of carton designs. As well as straight line, and buckle folding the new gluer will allow us to run crash lock base cartons and more complex styles of cartons with increased flexibility.

The new glue set up has given quite staggering production improvements as well as neater, cleaner glue lines and greater accuracy that our customers will benefit from.

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