Phil’s Friday thought #1

Phil’s Friday thought #1

Friday Thought #1

25/10/19 – Welcome to the first of ‘Phil’s Friday Thoughts’. Over the coming weeks, I wanted to share some thoughts on subjects such as industry news, product or material innovations, environmental or recycling challenges or maybe just a favourite product. I am happy to consider any topic that you might be interested in hearing about – so let me know.

I thought I would start this first one with who I am.

I am the Managing Director and owner of a company called Ambroplastics Limited. But to learn about how I got here we need to go back a bit….

I have worked and been around plastics literally all my life. My father worked for a plastic packaging company AMT, before he and my mother formed Plastibox, working at that time predominantly in PVC packaging. Then seeing the introduction of PET and then Polypropylene, and being the first business in the country to put a polypropylene pack onto the retail shelves in Boots. Not easy when you consider how clear PP used to turn up as pretty much a solid block in the early days. It was for the Kyusu range, (for anyone who will remember) screen printed 3 colours, and foil blocked 2. We had some fun.

Moving up to Telford nearly 20 years ago to join Ambro I bought into the business and ultimately took over exactly 9 years ago this month. Every day holds a new challenge which is why I love what I do. I guess in these current times I shouldn’t say that plastic courses through my veins – but it pretty much does and it feels good.

At Ambro we specialise in Polypropylene presentation products and some packaging, the split between the two market sectors has fluctuated over the years with varying degrees of far eastern influence and also general market and sales forces. We still specialise in PP but offer PET, Metals, PVC, Paper over board and PU options on a wide bespoke product line.

It has saddened and angered me at times how this incredible material is given such unfairly biased press and vilified, causing people to move to alternatives that are often more damaging, thinking that they are doing the ‘right thing’. If we could only harness that motivation to do the right thing but based on facts, and not PR and social media driven hysteria we could actually make a real difference. I am not going to suggest that plastic is the answer to all our prayers, and neither is the material the grim reaper. I hope that I can provide some balance, not bias, and where possible guidance as to how using the best material for the job is paramount, and the responsibilities that we ALL have to take in disposing and recycling responsibly. More to come on this topic…..

If you would like to learn more about what we do, please visit www.ambro.co.uk. Drop me message if you would like to hear about a particular subject or feel that there is something that I can help with – advice is freely given.

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