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Polypropylene ‘Spinner’ helps locate and select the correct bin for household waste.

This week another product from the archive that seemed relevant to more recent discussions about recycling and the environment.

Recycling spinner

Two pieces of 500 micron white polypropylene, digitally printed, die cut and held together with an eyelet to create a ‘spinner’ to assist with getting the correct bin or location for disposal of a myriad of household products.

Why Polypropylene? Made from PP is it lightweight, durable so it will spin forever and be there to help you out whenever you need it. It is also worth mentioning that we can do a version that doesn’t require the metal eyelet, can be made simply from the two pieces of polypropylene and will spin just as happily without the mix of materials – worth considering for when the collection system changes and the new one needs to be substituted for this and it needs recycling 😉

Wouldn’t it be great to see the same system being used throughout the country. For us all to have the same coloured bins in place and what is and isn’t being collected be standardised so that we all know the drill. Who knows after yesterdays General Election this might just be something that will get some attention.

If you can think of other uses for this kind of product, let us know. If you want samples and some ideas putting together we can help. It doesn’t have to stop at 2 discs either. We have done a 3 disc spinner for finding the best waves in Cornwall for surfing!!

Enjoy your weekend all. Check out our website ww.ambro.co.uk and please contact me if there is anything packaging, presentation, promotional or just spinny that you would like to discuss.

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