Phil’s Friday thought #6

Phil’s Friday thought #6

Friday Thought #6

Promolyte USB Presentation Box

Here we are, another Friday and another thought. I wanted to take the opportunity this week to share a few images of one of my favourite products. It is a simple but very premium and effective USB box that we produced a little while ago now.

Made from Promolyte® a composite material of thin aluminium sheets with a polypropylene core. We can machine areas away to allow the material to be folded into shape and create hinges for lids, flaps or spines.

In this example we have digitally printed the outer and created a foam insert to hold the USB stick.

A really simple, but premium looking and feeling product. Completely scalable and an item that really makes an impression.

Take a look at some other examples on our website https://ambro.co.uk/graphic-metal-co-2/. Finishes include, digital print, screen print, laser engraving, dye sublimation (full colour), photo chemical etching. Give us a call and see what we can do to package, present and promote your business with this premium material.

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