‘I didn’t know Ambro did that…’

As it says on the tin, we are responding to an all too familiar comment from customer feedback just lately.

Here we are, it’s Friday again. Another week nearly over and dare I say it another week closer to Christmas. We have sent out our latest email shot this week, “I didn’t know you did that…” As it says on the tin, we are responding to an all too familiar comment from customer feedback just lately.

I am sure it is a challenge that many of us face. Do we think that we are doing enough? Do we actually manage to get our full message over? How do we keep ourselves in our customer’s minds?

There have been a lot of changes over the years, and like a lot of businesses we assume that as customers you have kept pace with those changes and are well versed in what it is we do. But if we don’t tell you, and show you by way of samples, how can you?

For now, see a quick summary below taken from our latest mailshot:

Materials we work with:
Polypropylene, Correx, PET, Paper over board, PVC, PU, Promolyte™, Aluminium, Steel & Carton board – NEW

Top level services we offer:
Printing, Die cutting, Straight line & crash lock gluing, Plain and/or printed samples,  Bespoke packaging design/consultation, Bespoke presentation design/consultation, Pocket welding & more…

Print Finishes:
Screen printing, litho printing, digital printing, embossing, foil blocking, laser engraving, photo chemical etching, DYE sublimation

Some of our products:
Bespoke Packaging, (PET & Polypropylene), Bespoke presentation binders, folders, carry cases, sample cases, POS clip strips, leaflet dispensers, product dispensers & more

Graphic Metal™:
Metal folders & Binders, Bespoke metal POS stands/items, metal presentation cases, signs and plaques, Pack/product design consultation & more

Over the years, Ambro has reinvented itself a number of times. Starting in 1962 as an importer of PVC stationery products, to manufacturing our own as an HF welder. Then moving into Polypropylene presentation products in the noughties. This opened up the retail packaging market to our offer initially in polypropylene and then introducing PET in order to maintain our environmental credentials. Then came Graphic Metal bringing the high end premium products, and in our latest chapter carton board.

It really has been a wake-up call for me personally for so many customers to be saying “I didn’t know that you did that…” but thankfully we are already taking steps to address this. We are already seeing tangible rewards from more frequent and deeper conversations with our customers, thanks to the efforts of our newly minted Dedicated Account Managers. We are all feeling really positive about how this will develop in the long term.

I would love to hear what you think of our latest email shot if you received it (click here to sign up if you didn’t) or tell us how you get your message out there and how successfully you think that you are doing it.

Thanks again for reading, and as always feel free to contact me if there is anything that we can help with.

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