Friday Thought #15

Friday Thought #15

#Pet Carriers

Carriers Available in Polypropylene, Fluted Polypropylene and Carton Board

Another Friday thought and something a little bit different, not a packaging, presentation or promotional product in the true sense, but an actual product, a Pet Carry box.

It might look like I am just trying to get some attention with pictures of very cute bunnies and kittens, and if you are reading this because of the picture, it might just have worked :).

Made from lightweight, durable and completely recyclable or recycled polypropylene if you would prefer (smaller versions now also available in card), the practicalities of this wonderful material mean that it can wiped clean or fully washed if needed, folded flat for easy storage and assembly, and secure to ensure your treasured pet doesn’t make it’s great escape until you decide it is time.

The design can be scaled up or down to suit the size of your pet, decorated in a manner of your choosing, boasting your businesses details to keep you in mind to the human user, and making the carrier stand out from the crowd wherever you might be taking your fury, feathered or scaled friend.

If you would like more details or have an idea for a product that you think could work in any of our materials, drop me a message and let’s design it together.



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