Friday Thought #13

Friday Thought #13


Just a short Friday thought this week regarding this post (click here) from the BPF (British Plastics Federation.) I know that a number of my posts have focused on the topic of the environment, the plastics debate and waste, but I think that this short video sums it up nicely.

Yes, consider your choices carefully, but make sure that you choices are properly informed. Make sure that you are not changing due to public perception, but because it makes actual and factual sense to do so.

There is not a one size fits all solution here, but at Ambro, with the breadth of materials that we can offer, both plastics and board options, we will have something that can help you make the right and informed choice for you. Give me a call or drop me a message and we can help you make informed decisions for your business, your brand, and your customer.

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