Phil’s Friday thought #11

Phil’s Friday thought #11

Friday Thought #11

Kerbside collection of plastics – an MRF Visit

Another Friday thought about a really exciting visit this week to Veolia’s MRF (material recycling facility) in Wolverhampton. We were trying to find out if our products can be recycled if collected at the kerbside.

Our initial findings were yes. PET and PP are being sorted and sent for commercial recycling. It is however a tentative yes. Whilst the materials were being sorted effectively, our next visit will be to the specialist plastics site that take this waste in to see what happens to it there and to satisfy ourselves that it will go back into making similar products.

It was fascinating (and a little bit smelly) to watch Glass, Plastics, and Metals being sorted. Cardboard and paper was kept separate so as not to be contaminated and sent directly to a recycling centre. Everything else went in to the sorting process and a mixture of ingenious technologies and some manual sorting whittled the main material groups into the relevant sections.

So, in Shropshire and the surrounding areas, there is a very good chance, that despite our local councils saying that ‘our’ items cannot be placed into the kerbside bins, if they are, they will be sorted correctly and will end up at a plastics recycling facility.

A very positive and informative visit, and hopefully more positivity to come as we aim to prove that we can rely on the organisations that are charged with collecting our waste dealing with it responsibly and recycling it and not simply incinerating it, and definitely not land filling it.

Thank you to Nigel from Veolia for his time on the day and breadth of information that he was able to provide.

Any questions please get in touch..thanks for reading.

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