Phil’s Friday thought #10

Phil’s Friday thought #10

Friday Thought #10

Happy New Year!

First Friday thought of 2020, so happy new year to all. Wishing you all the very best for a successful and prosperous year ahead.

After a couple of weeks break over the Christmas period I thought I would kick 2020 off with a simple link to an article from the BBC. Titled simply Plastic Packaging Ban ‘could harm the environment’ it outlines how the current war on plastic is not a simple as people might have been led to believe.


We should be conscious of the using the right material for the right job, making sure that we understand how easily a product can be reused or recycled and rather than singling out one material type, we should be looking at our waste production as a whole.

Granted, it is complicated, but we have a duty to properly inform ourselves, and equally there is duty from the legislators to properly educate us to ensure that we are using the right materials and that there is a proper option for recycling.

Recyclers are crying out for these materials as there is real worth to them. Incinerating or worse landfill is, in the majority of cases, neither the right moral solution nor the economic one.

I am sure that over the Christmas period we have all tutted at the volume of food that has gone to waste, or the amount of additional packaging materials and other waste that we have produced and had to sort. But have we really considered how we can minimise the amount of that waste that has had to go to landfill, have we considered if we are disposing of that waste responsibly and correctly?

2020 for Ambro is going to be a year where we assist on the use of the right material. Advise ways of minimising on the volumes of materials being used and ensure that we are providing every assistance possible to ensure that as little of the products that we produce can ever end up in landfill.

Our customers can return items to us for proper recycling.

We can provide advice on which materials are more widely recycled than others, and where you should be able to recycle them.

We can provide the widest choice of materials of almost anyone in our industry to suit both the needs of the product and the environment.

If you would like to know more about how we can help, drop me a message, or give us a call and we will be only too happy to advise. Have a great weekend, and remember, if there is any specific topic that you would more about, let me know and I will cover it in one of my Friday Thoughts.

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