Screen Print

Screen printing – our most popular print for presentation items

Screen printing is a great option for lower to medium quantity orders or where only 1 or 2 colours are required. Screen printing produces characteristically bright solid colours with hard wearing print. Colours are either matched to a customer sample or are printed to match Pantone™ colours usually from the solid coated catalogue. Screen printing is usually cost effective for a small to medium sized run but this can be affected by number of colours required and ink coverage. For ultra small runs we often recommend considering digital print as this has less set up costs than screen printing. For large runs it may sometimes be beneficial to choose litho print.

Our default screen print uses conventional inks which have a satin/matt finish, if you require glossy finish inks please specify at quote stage. Artwork should ideally be set up as vector graphics with Pantone colour swatches assigned in the file.

Gradients and tints are possible to reproduce using the screen printing process but will not look as they do on a computer screen. Gradients and tints are printed using dot tones and are usually only practical to reproduce between 60% and 30% due to the resolution of screen printing. Artwork is checked by our in house team prior to print who will usually highlight any issues but please ask if you are concerned how your artwork will reproduce.

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