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Medical folders
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Our medical folders are often used for storing patients case notes, usually fitted with a 3 part U-clip  or mediclip mechanism, which consists of a round hollow lace, a compressor bar and a U-shaped closure. U-clip Medical folders expand with their contents keeping their overall footprint as small as possible while still available to file a large capacity. Our medical files are a mix of our stud files and our snappy files to give the most efficient file for medical use.

Other mechanisms can be specified including clamp clips and swing clips when a fewer number of documents are to be stored. Our medical files are made from durable wipe clean polypropylene and can be printed using all available print finishes. Welded pockets and bespoke closures can also be specified.

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Medical File Front


Open Green Medical File

3 part U-Clip

White MEdical File Front


Open White Medical File

3 part U-Clip

Green Medical File Front


Open Green Medical File

Clamp clip

Green NHS folder

Swing clip

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