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Our custom display books are made from Polypropylene, PVC or PU (Leather look). A specified number of clear pockets are welded into place in the spine of an outer cover. Existing tooling exists for most popular paper sizes, (contact us to discuss custom sizes). There are many combinations of closures and options for both welded and integral pockets, contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Plain A4 Polypropylene display books fit perfectly into out A4 storage boxes and are available to buy from our stock range for fast delivery. We are one of the fastest packaging manufacturers in the UK.

Spirit custom folder
Display Book

Clear pockets

Grimsdyke custom folder
Grimsdyke School Display Book - Open


School Display Book File - Front
School Display Book File - Open

Safe & Neat Certificate Displays

Here at Ambro, we offer a wide range of office display book folders at unbeatable prices. All of out display books are made from a high quality plastic. We offer our display book products in a large variety of colours, including: red, blue and black. A4 presentation books can be used for many different reasons; great for holding school work or office paperwork. Printed display book folder are not only practical but can provide a smart corporate look throughout a company. This can be a great option to get for anyone who may be having a lot of client meetings as they can get some company recognition from their equipment. One of the most popular uses for a display book folder is school equipment, printed with the schools emblem on the front. Our display book folders are perfect for schools as we use high quality PVC which is long lasting and durable. These are perfect solutions for preserving things such as literature, pictures and certificates.

Choose how you take notes by using our assorted coloured display book folders. An A4 display folder is the ideal size to choose for helping you to sort your information. Save time and money my saving on essentials such as buying notebooks. Once you are finished with a document, it is easy to slip the document out and replace it with another photo, document or any essentials. We offer cheap deals on orders of a high quantity, giving you access to the tools to expand your business name. Kits and tools like these are what can encourage your brands growth. Services like these can boost the health of your brand massively.

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