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Clear Plastic Folders

Our clear plastic folders offer a quick, easy and efficient way to transport sleeves and files around protected from weather and dirt. The wide range of sizes and styles allow you to find the best folder pack for you. Folders are an essential office supply for every business. An office simply couldn’t function without a pack of folders in their office supplies cupboard! These handy clear plastic folders can also come in solid colours too, so if you are opting to move away from the official look and go for something more colourful, these folders are ideal for your business. Our folders are designed to withstand the test of time with assorted design features to ensure durability.

Other Document Folders

If clear plastic folder packs aren’t right for your office or business, you can try our other options, such as carry boxes, presentation binders or other forms of clear packaging. We also offer a wide range of other solutions as shown above. These options are much more colourful than your standard clear plastic folders so may be more ideal for artistic companies. Be sure to check out our other options too. Our other options, like cut flush folders and heavy duty clear packs and open top boxes, are great options for for office supplies.


When combined with our other supplies, our clear plastic folders offer an unprecedented level of organisation. They have a large capacity and you can use our tags and dividers to separate out different sections of your paperwork. These office supplies offer the most elite in file and folder organisation. We are packaging manufacturers that offers quality retail packaging and efficiency, regardless of the objective.

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