Custom Branded Packaging

Ambro are one of the UK’s leading producers of custom packaging boxes and bags in the UK. We work with a wide variety of clients from drinks manufacturers to clients in fragrance and help them bring their products to life, using a range of products including custom printed boxes, cardboard boxes and other custom boxes. We work closely with you to design and manufacture beautiful custom packaging solutions for your product that will not only keep the item safe and secure but also be attractive to potential customers. You may also be surprised to learn about how eco friendly our packaging is. View our Sustainability page for more information.

Custom Retail Packaging

One of the fundamental issues facing consumer goods manufacturers today is what to do with a product once it has been perfected. You could have the greatest product in the world but without the appropriate packaging sales may not be as strong as they could be. By presenting your product in beautiful presentation packaging you are more likely to attract customers who either would have missed your product due to plain packaging or were looking for something with a premium look to it. By working with Ambro, you will be using all of our combined experience in the retail packaging industry to produce a product that hits all of the points you want your product to convey. At Ambro we take pride at being top-notch plastic packaging manufacturers, please, get in touch as soon as possible and we’ll help you select the best packaging solution for you.

Custom Printed Packaging

Not only do we, at Ambro, manufacture your packaging, based on your requirements we also print whatever design you want. We offer a range of print finishes, including clear packaging, as well as some more unique finishing techniques which you can choose from to ensure you receive the packaging product you require. Lithographic Printing, Screen Printing and Digital Printing are our most commonly used print finishes Each of these have their own pros and cons; for example, screen printing is best suited to low to medium quantity orders – preferably when one or two colours are required. Digital and Lithographic Printing, however, are higher quality solutions with digital being a cheaper method of printing on plastic with a very similar quality output.

More premium services we offer include presentation packaging, foil blocking, embossing, laser marking and photo etching. These finishes can really make a product stand out and give it a high quality look and feel.

Branded Packaging Bags & Boxes

There are a wide variety of packaging solutions we are able to offer at Ambro mean we can provide a solution that is sure to work with your product. We have worked with many different industries and so have the requisite experience to help you chose the right solution for your item. You will probably have an idea of what you would like your packaging to look like so we will sit down with you to help fine tune your idea into a suitable final product. No matter if you are looking for pillow packs, cartons, boxes of bags we are here to help produce the perfect packaging for you.


What industries do you provide packaging to?

We have provided beautiful bespoke packaging to industries in all sectors imaginable. Corporate gifts, consumer goods such as perfumes and beauty products and drinks packaging. We are certain we can help you properly package up your product in an attractive manner.

What materials do you use?

We use either polypropylene or PET in the manufacture of our packaging. We only use the highest quality materials in our production so that your product packing will look and feel fantastic upon completion.

What Print finishes and colours are available?

We can print in whatever colour you would like. We offer a range of print finishes to suit any requirement and budget. We will sit down with you to work out what the best solution for you is based on your desired final product and your budget.

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