Covid 19 – Updates

08/06/20 – UPDATE: Hygiene Screens Now available

Hygiene screens (also called cough screens) are now available. Made in our UK factory. A low cost alternative to acrylic screens. We have two styles on offer, a Modular Hygiene Screen system with posts and screens that enable you to just purchase what you need for your space, and Counter Screens that can be a standalone solution and come with an optional cut out for commerce of beauty purposes. Counter screens can also be linked to span a wider space if needed.


20/03/20 – UPDATE: We are open for business

We are still open for business. We have reduced staff numbers here at Ambro in line with demand and other staff are working from home where they are able, but we are following UK Government guidelines published on the 23rd March;

“With the exception of some non-essential shops and public venues, we are not asking any other businesses to close – indeed it is important for business to carry on. “ Click here for full article

  • We are still answering queries, quote requests and orders across all materials
  • Our sampling service is still in operation
  • We have stock of mechanisms and components in our on-site warehouse and our suppliers are still open currently
  • We have stocks of most commonly used PP and PET grades and our suppliers are still currently active.
  • Screen printed and digitally printed orders are fully operational, Litho printed orders are currently expecting a delay in delivery.
  • Our trade print service is operational

Material suppliers in France and material and component distributors here in the UK are open. However a number of printers and other manufacturers were saying that they were going to be closing their doors on Friday 27th March potentially for 3 weeks, but we will continue to monitor the situation.

There is uncertainty regarding skeleton staff being available to service certain requirements and our main concern at the moment is the availability of litho print but we are investigating all options.

We will need to appraise each query as it arises, and I am assuming that there will be businesses in the same situation, or where demand has dropped so hope that this will not necessarily cause an issue.

Stay safe and please call us if you are uncertain about anything and need additional information.

26/03/20 – UPDATE: We are open for business
We are in conversation with our partners and suppliers to maintain material and component supply. Any further updates addressing supply issues will be posted here at regular intervals.

24/03/20 – UPDATE: We are open for business
Following government guidelines, we have made provision for office staff to work from home where possible. Production continues almost at full capacity and there are no supply interruptions expected in the short term. This situation may change rapidly but we plan to remain open throughout unless instructed otherwise. We are taking all possible precautions to mitigate the danger of infection and are advising our staff of best practice.
Please Check back here for further updates.

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