Bespoke Packaging

Here at Ambro we are one of the leading suppliers of bespoke packaging to our clients throughout the United Kingdom. We are an incredibly highly regarded throughout the industry as suppliers, not only of bespoke packaging, but also more traditional plastic packaging solutions for any need and budget.

We provide our customers with bespoke packaging solutions for a number of products such as ring binders, folders, cases and even one-off promotional materials for events and expos. It doesn’t matter what your idea, product or design is, we can work closely with you and your team to bring your vision to life. We will give you our expert opinions on materials, and how to mould your design to get the best out of the bespoke work we do – but it is ultimately your product, and your expertise will help make it stand out.

We can create attractive, bespoke gift or multi-packs to give presents or prizes that personal touch or extra quality. While we excel at plastic bespoke packaging we also have expertise in other materials such as paper and board, PU leather, card or even a range of metals. When speaking to our customer support staff be sure to explore your options with them.

It isn’t just materials that give you choice though, but also finishes. When you design and describe your project to us you will know what you imagine the final product to look like, and our range of finishes for the bespoke packaging will help realise that dream. Whether it’s litho printing, silk screen or digital printing, or even foil blocking, embossing or laser marking – we can give your project a premium, bespoke feel.

Why Choose Ambro For Bespoke Packaging?

We have many years of experience delivering bespoke packaging solutions to hundreds of clients with different designs, needs and budgets. In that time we’ve also created a massive variety of goods across a number of different industries, often being involved throughout the entire design and iteration process. We have glowing customer reviews because we strive to match our clients’ expectations and vision in the final product and its design.

Whether it’s creating food and drink packaging to making attractive sleeves for cosmetics, gifts boxes for wines and spirits to bespoke event packaging, here at Ambro we are sure to help you with your bespoke packaging requirements. Not only are we passionate about matching your product vision, but we’re also obsessed with providing industry leading customer support. We treat every single enquiry with the utmost respect and attention – whether it’s your first, or your one hundredth. Whether you have an unlimited budget, or a tighter one. Every customer matters. Ambro our company has crafted a sterling reputation as top-quality plastic packaging manufacturers, please don’t wait to get a hold of us, we can help select the perfect packaging solution for you and your products.

How Do Ambro Manufacturer Our Packaging?

Ambro manufacture products in our UK based Telford factory, to an ISO 9001 certified quality management system. We use both manual and automatic die cutting machinery to bring our clients designs from the page into real life.

These designs are finished and perfected to the highest quality in house with automatic riveting, press studding, pocket welding and high speed crash lock and straight line gluing machinery. No matter the manufacturing technique, your bespoke packaging will be delivered to incredibly high standards.

Packaging Solutions

Our combination of industry leading machinery and technique makes us the perfect bespoke packaging partner for any small, medium or large business who value top of the line packaging and product presentation. Our operations are flexible and can accomodate any fluctuations or changes in your orders. We will do everything we can to minimise changes, getting a clear understanding of your needs from the outset.


What if I’ve never ordered packaging before?

You have no need to worry! Our dedicated customer support team are always on hand to help out new customers, no matter their level of experience! This could be your 100th order or your 1st!

Will you help me design my packaging as well?

We can! We can be as involved as you would like us to be. Some clients know exactly what they want and trust us to make that vision happen. Others prefer feedback and iteration. Some prefer to be completely hands off, trusting us to make and design the bespoke packaging to match their brand guide. We can offer advice and support every step of the way.

How do I get in touch?

You can get in touch with our team in a number of ways. You can call us on 01952 684922, you can email us or use the ‘Leave a Message’ button in the bottom right of the page. No matter the method you choose, we’ll get back to your as soon as possible.

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