Account Managers

Your new Account manager

We are all excited about having account managers because we know it will make your experience as a customer even better. We always pride ourselves on a high level of customer service and this is a natural progression to deliver at an even higher level whilst making your buying journey more direct.

Samantha, Emma and Stacey form our suite of dedicated account managers who will be with you full cycle from enquiry to order, order to reorder and delivery to after sales service. Our research tells us it really is the little things that can make a difference and having a single contact who is present at all stages of your journey with Ambro means we can easier identify opportunities where we can apply those little extras to your benefit.


A couple of real world examples of how an account manager can help you:

  1. You have a project with a short lead time and you are going on annual leave in the next day or so. Thanks to the scope of their role your account manager can now actively advocate on you behalf to do everything possible to get your project through to completion super quick, reducing stress and worry on your behalf at no extra cost to you.
  2. You are trying to specify a project for a customer who has provided very little detail on how they want something produced. You want to supply them with some different options to help them decide. Your dedicated account manager takes the time to understand the goals you are trying to achieve and has the expertise to match our exciting range of services and materials to solutions that can help. This could be an option for any of our different material and print combinations and options for stock or bespoke products that fit the bill. In addition they can provide you a physical sample* via post to help you and your customer decide with a sample in hand to discuss.

Whether you can see yourself in the above scenarios or not your new account manager will streamline communication and reduce the time you wait between query and answer, quote request and quote delivery and provide a more personal service.


*Bespoke samples are unprinted/unbranded unless other wise agreed.


Please direct any comments you may have to marketing@ambro.co.uk or contact your Account manager for further details.

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